Let us do the dirty work

so you don't have to!

I run a small, local, woman- and artist-owned housekeeping company based in and serving West Seattle exclusively. I'm a sixth generation Northwesterner with a bachelor's in Pacific Northwest Bioregional Studies, and a master's in Environmental Conflict Resolution. I've been cleaning professionally off and on since I was a teen. My mother had her own housekeeping business when I was growing up so, rest assured, I was trained by the very best!

My goal is to provide top-notch, hyper-local, green cleaning services, while also supporting sustainable, living wages for members of our awesome neighborhood. Our housekeepers all live in West Seattle, keeping our collective carbon footprint very small.

Email me for a free estimate. We'd love to hear from you!


Shae was born in Burien and has two adorable children who are the apples of her eyes. Shae loves the Seahawks, making espresso and gardening.

"Cleaning is great because at the end of the day I can see the results of my work.

I love that feeling of accomplishment!"

A Virginia native, Calli's lived in West Seattle for four years. A freelance make-up artist by trade, Calli was once a Lead Artist at the London Opera. Here in Seattle, she does lots of weddings as well as work for the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet.

"I have a great eye for detail and I'd love to

come make your home a beautiful space. 

Making things pretty is what I do best :-)"


Originally from Minnesota, Nate's lived
in Seattle for six years and is currently pursuing a career in graphic design and illustration. He loves all animals, especially his chihuahua mix Tina and his fat cat Bill. Outside of work, Nate enjoys digital drawing and spending time outdoors.

“When my house is clean and organized, I feel like I can relax and focus and I’m able to do my best artwork. It's really great to be able to give that feeling to others and hopefully allow them to spend more time doing what  they love."

A Seattle native, Monica is a brand new grandmother of a delightful wee babe, Chloe. When not cooing over her newest addition to the family, she's hard to find due to her jam-packed social calendar of interesting eclectic activities of one variety or another. A part-time landscaper, she's also at work on her Bachelor's degree. 

"I pretty much never stop moving, so housekeeping is a natural outlet for me."

Originally from Northern California and Southern Oregon, Amber has felt right at home in Seattle since 2013. Her hobbies include reading, powerlifting, skating, baking layer cakes and exploring the West Seattle outdoors with her young sons.

"Life is often busy and chaotic. I enjoy the focus and routine of cleaning, and of course it feels good to give someone a neat and clean space to come home to." 

Lisa is originally from San Diego, CA but has been in Seattle since 1998. She has lived in several surrounding areas but always returns to West Seattle. She enjoys reading, music, bike riding and spending time with her two dogs.

"I love hard work. Bring on the clean!"

In 2011, Rachel started a baby housekeeping business in West Seattle, where she's lived since 2006. Her hobbies include trail running, spoiling her two dogs, and writing songs whenever she can. Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Rachel spent many years touring Europe and the US as a professional performing songwriter - which she still does once in a while. You can find her music on iTunes, etc. In her free time, she is usually fishing nearby beaches. 

"I need to have things clean and tidy - it's just part of who I am. But I genuinely enjoy the process of cleaning (not kidding). For me, it's a meditation."


Melena is an Alaskan who has lived in Seattle since 2000, and West Seattle since 2007. She's a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful kids and a delightful pug who cleans the house while they're at school.

"I've just always cleaned. My mom says I've always asked to do so. It's my hobby and I'm proud to do it."

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