Thank you for your interest! 


10/15/17: We have two awesome new-to-us housekeepers on board and have openings right now!


We are completely full at the moment. If you'd like to get on our waiting list, send me a note here and I'll be in touch just as soon as something comes available. We expect new openings toward end of January 2018.


Contact me at wsmaid(at)yahoo(dot)com or use the form below. Let me know:


~ How many adults/children/pets in the home

~ Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

~ Total square footage

~ Weekly or biweekly service

~ Your address and contact info


I'll reply with an estimate as soon as we have new openings. My admin and bookkeeping days are typically just Mondays and Tuesdays - so your patience is very appreciated.


Thank you! :-)


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